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Asbestos Free

Cost-Effective Seed Singulation

FarmTalc products provide a cost-effective solution to higher yields, better planter performance, and improved planter longevity—all at a discount cost. FarmTalc premium talc, graphite, 80/20, SupraFlow®, and custom blends help you achieve even seed spacing, enhanced seed singulation, uniform seed flow, and premium stands—even in the toughest planting conditions. FarmTalc seed talc and other products consistently improve the performance and cleanliness of Kinze® brush meters, Precision Planting® seed meters and tubes, and John Deere® CCS™ systems; as well as improved disk/plate/finger performance in other corn planters, broadcast seeders, central-fill planters, and air-delivery seed systems. Our products achieve the highest standards of quality and are 100% asbestos-free and OMRI certified. We offer volume discounts and large savings to every customer.

FarmTalc wants YOU to have the advantage of higher yields, wherever you grow.

Shipping + Packaging

We strive to provide reliable, on-time delivery at the lowest cost to you. FarmTalc has many years of experience shipping small and large quantities nationwide and internationally. We offer discounts for bulk purchasing.

Even when you run out of product right in the middle of high-speed precision planting, we will expedite product to you with the most discounted shipping available.

Different planters and planting conditions may require personalized packaging. Call us for a free quote on a variety of custom packaging options.


With years of on-farm experience and a wide knowledge of farm technology, machinery, seed coatings, and pesticides, our resident agricultural specialist, Erik Hayenga, Ph.D., can provide expert, one-on-one consultation about seed lubricant applications. And with our nationwide, expedited delivery and distributed warehousing, we’re ready to help you in a hurry.

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Erik Hayenga, Ph.D.