FarmTalc Premium Talc

FarmTalc Premium Talc is a cost-effective, high-purity product that consistently enhances seed spacing, prevents seed bunching, removes seed tackiness, and improves long-term seeder maintenance. FarmTalc corn planter talc assures that CCS™ systems and other central-fill planters smoothly move the seed to the individual row units, and ensures adequate seed flow for all air seeders. Talc has wide use in broadcast seeding as well.

FarmTalc Premium Talc is available in bulk and can save you 40% or more over OEM-labeled talc. Our Premium Talc is NOT an off-brand, cheap substitute containing fillers and contaminants. Our Premium Talc is verified for quality with emphasis on purity, grade, and zero asbestos or crystalline silica content.

  • Enhances Seed Spacing
  • Eliminates Seed Bridging
  • Maintains Vacuum Meters
  • Promotes Seed Flow
  • Assists CCS Systems
  • USDA Organic Approved National List
  • Asbestos-Free & OMRI Certified


Flexible Packaging

We stock FarmTalc Premium Talc in the popular 25# EZ-Stor pails, as well as in bags and super-sacks for even more savings. Custom packaging is always an option with FarmTalc.