FarmTalc Ultra-Premium SupraFlow®

FarmTalc SupraFlow Ultra-Premium seed lubricant is designed for high-speed planter components like the ExactEmerge® brushbelt cartridge and SpeedTubes™. SupraFlow is created with our own proprietary research and production that produces a unique individual particle size and shape perfectly suited for the demands of high-speed planting.

High-speed planters can build up internal static electricity at a rapid rate resulting in the loss of good intra-row seed spacing. SupraFlow’s specialized blend of unique talc and graphite conducts static electricity 200% better off the seed disk, resulting in improved seed release and controlled seed spacing. SupraFlow has been specially designed to maintain seed spacing even at high speeds.

SupraFlow solves seed flow issues that result from extreme humidity, seed coating, or seed size conditions in all planters. The specialized particles in SupraFlow reduce seed-to-seed friction and improve seed flow in many difficult-to-plant conditions. Ultra-Premium SupraFlow is a new generation of problem-solving seed lubricant.

  • Regulates static electricity
  • Enhances seed spacing
  • Promotes seed singulation
  • Lubricates internal meter components
  • Sustains clean brushbelts
  • Supports seed flow in harsh conditions
  • Asbestos-free & OMRI-Certified


Flexible Packaging

We keep FarmTalc Ultra-Premium SupraFlow in stock in 15# EZ-Stor pails with a resealable lid. Custom packaging is always an option.