FarmTalc Premium 80/20

FarmTalc’s blend of 80% talc and 20% graphite (80/20) is a one-size-fits-all talc/graphite mix that is ideal for many growers using ExactEmerge®, eFlow®, eSet®, vSet®, SpeedTubes™, brush belts, Kinze® brush meters, and other planter components. Newer, more precise planting and high-speed planting units require 80/20 to maximize seed release and seed spacing. FarmTalc 80/20 is very popular for corn and soybean growers, but is also beneficial for many other crops including peanuts, cotton, sugar beets, edible beans, cover crops, and vegetables.

FarmTalc Premium 80/20 seed lubricant is available in bulk and can save you 40% or more over OEM-labeled lubricant. Our 80/20 is NOT an off-brand, cheap substitute containing fillers and contaminants. Our 80/20 is a high-purity and asbestos-free premium grade lubricant that boosts your planter’s performance.

  • Maximizes Seed Spacing
  • Eliminates Seed Bridging
  • Maintains High-Speed Meters
  • Promotes Seed Flow
  • Ensures Brushes Stay Clean
  • Assists CCS™ and Central Fill Systems
  • Asbestos-Free & OMRI Certified
  • USDA Organic Approved National List


Flexible Packaging

We keep FarmTalc Premium 80/20 in stock in the popular 25# EZ-Stor pails, and also a smaller 5# mini EZ-stor pail for convenience and flexibility. Custom packaging is always an option with FarmTalc.