About FarmTalc

Growing from a desire to keep our own farm expenses in line over two decades ago at our farm in South Dakota, FarmTalc has relentlessly focused on unparalleled quality, price, and service. As farmers ourselves, we recognize the value of flexible and convenient seed lubrication, and constantly work to enable greater farm profits for our customers. FarmTalc strives to be reliable, adaptable, and dedicated to assisting farmers. Growers continue to be impressed with our quality, convenience, and price. Our customers also profit from FarmTalc’s ability to customize talc and graphite application based on the ever-changing scope of seed treatments, conditions, and planter technology.

With our nationwide dealer network, expedited delivery, and distributed warehousing, FarmTalc is happy and ready to help you in a hurry.


Because of the individual and specific needs of each farm operation, Erik Hayenga provides expert one-on-one consultation about seed lubrication applications, seed spacing, seed singulation, and seed flow needs.

Erik has been involved in agriculture his entire life and has a knack for reaching out to customers and changing inputs to fit their needs. Before founding FarmTalc, Erik started his own farm toy accessory company as a teenager and ended up funding years of his college tuition from those profits. Along with earning a M.S. and Ph.D., Erik has years of agricultural experience running his own farm as well as providing professional usability testing for OEMs.

If you are passing by our warehouse, you are always welcome for a free cup of coffee.